Laani Home & Beauty Store - Our Story & Vision

You deserve to know, understand, and trust the
products you use every day 😉

Isn’t it time to stock your shelves, wash your face, and clean your home with natural products you can count on?

Whether it’s natural ingredients in your body lotion, or the honey you swirl into your tea, LANNi Singapore offers exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

Our carefully-curated selection of products brings the best of natural, organic ingredients and materials into your home to enjoy: no worries about harmful chemicals, no squinting at ingredient labels, and no more wondering if you’re making the right choice for your home care and beauty routines.

Simply put, we sell the natural and organic products we already love and use, because we know you’re going to love them too.

Laani Natural Home & Beauty Store - About Us Missions

Eco-Conscious +
Socially Mindful

  • Responsible Shopping

    Shop with a conscience with LAANi since the products we
    use affect our world, our bodies, our appearance, and our mood.

  • Ethical Production

    We believe beautiful products are those produced with manufacturing, environmental, and social considerations
    in mind.

  • Exciting Discovery

    Discover new favorites at a store founded on "truthful &
    transparent manufacturers" - we're proud to offer premium
    products with a purpose.

Upgrade Your Favorite Products, Inside and Out!

Our organic and 100% natural home and beauty products are the perfect way to elevate your quality of life without disrupting your daily flow. From body lotions and creams that leave your skin silky-smooth, to body wash, and oils that turn every shower into a spa-like experience, personal care has never felt more indulgent.

With convenient natural items for your home, you can also easily trade out plastics for materials like bamboo in soap shelves, diffuse essential oils instead of using artificial home fragrance sprays, and even trade out your dish sponge for a durable, natural pot scrubber.

Little by little, step by step, we’re here to help you make the right choices for both you and your family while supporting a mission of transparency and trust in every bottle, jar, and package you’ll find in the LANNi range.

So are you ready to revolutionise your home and life with natural products backed by ethical sourcing? Here you will find our finest selection of curated natural products!  

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Free Sample

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100% Authentic

100% Authentic

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Loyalty Rewards

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